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An Outdoor Privy? A New Puppy; Dogs on Wheels; Denali Again? Nice Outfit!

Our dear friends Joyce and Sharon are remodeling their home, adding on to their lanai and putting in a pool. But the feature that impressed me most was their new, tres chic outdoor privy. They even offered to let us use it, allowing us to reduce water consumption at our home 5 miles away. It’s a bit of a drive, especially at 3:00 AM, but worth the effort. We now route our bike rides and shopping trips past their house, and my only complaint is that the T.P. has needed refilling twice…

It’s always nice to congratulate friends on getting a new dog. In this case, it’s especially gratifying, because Brad Bernardy, His Lovely Bride Leslie and their Patterdale Terrier Skeeter recently became owned by Simon, a 10 year old Dachshund. Brad and Leslie will shortly discover that the best synonym for Dachshund is “Stubborn”. Good luck, Brad and Leslie!

Speaking of Dachshunds, Mike and Beth Pasakarnis (Wolf’s dad and step-mom, who is a veterinarian in Plymouth, Mass.) sent us this poster for a popular antibiotic; it made me laugh out loud, because it reminded me of Rudy’s ears flapping in the breeze aboard our sailboat.

Yesterday I took a long bike ride on the Withlacoochee State Trail, starting in Inverness and heading north to Dunellon and back, a 35 mile round trip. I was about 5 miles north of the trailhead when I saw a backpacker walking southbound. Imagine my surprise when I recognized the person as “Denali”, the backpacker Suzanne and I had met on the Florida Trail several days earlier. What were the chances of that? Since then she had one very bad experience; she was bitten by someone’s pet dog, a small white fluffy thing that approached her from behind without barking and nipped her on the ankle twice, drawing blood. Fortunately, a County Animal Control Officer found the beast and its owner and verified that the dog was up to date on its rabies vaccination; otherwise Denali might have had to undergo a painful series of rabies shots. 

Recently My Lovely Bride has taken to singing and dancing around the house to rather loud music; the neighbors haven’t yet complained, but several golfers did comment that they were having difficulty concentrating when trying to get out of the sand trap behind our house. One of her favorite tracks is Fighter, from Christina Aguilera’s Stripped album. I offered to get her an outfit like the one the modest Ms. Aguilera is wearing, but she replied, “In your dreams, Sailor!”  Sigh…

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  • Anonymous
    Posted March 14, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    Stubborn is right but he is also a lover dog! Brad


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