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Cruisin’ in Style; A Sweet Kiss and…; “It doesn’t make you look fat”; Two Book Clubs; A Last Walk; An English Rose

Corvette Chick is definitely looking more stylish these days… now, ladies, don’t get me wrong, she’s always looked good, even in Navy cammies and Summer Khakis, which aren’t designed by Schiaparelli, Vera Wang, Coco Chanel or even Martha Stewart. But yesterday she was taking off (somewhat literally) in her red Vette and I noticed a sporty black visor and a cairn necklace, both of which were new to my eyes. (And yes, I do notice these things; after all, I’m not a typical Neanderthal, I’m a “New Age Kinda Guy”. Hey, no snickering out there!).  

Anyway, I asked My Lovely Bride about her new accessories, and learned that the visor was a gift from Noreen Treat and the Cairn necklace from Carell Haimbaugh (who heard Suzanne talking about cairns in her recent presentation). Both gifts were handmade by these talented local artisans right here in The Villages. (Guys, here are two great ideas for unique birthday/Christmas presents for your ladies!) Noreen’s web site is Carell’s telephone number is (847) 894-3322.

Speaking of My Lovely Bride, the other morning before breakfast she came over to my end of the dining room table where I was checking email and having my first cuppa. She had a sweet smile on her face, and leaned over to kiss me, and I said, “Oh, that was very nice…” She replied, “Yes, I’m after your…. coffee.” (Talk about deflating…. one’s ego.)

It must have been “My Day”, so to speak. We were dressing out for a bike ride, and were going to wear matching fluorescent yellow jerseys. I had put mine on, and Suzanne asks, “Hey, is that my jersey?” “I don’t think so, does it look like it?” “Well, it’s looking a bit… um short …” Then she quickly changed her tune and used my classic line on me, saying, “Well, it doesn’t make you look fat …” Hmmm, I’m going to have to PT more…

Suzanne has had a great week. Along with her “Making the Connection” talk on Monday, she’s done five readings and spoken to two book clubs. The book clubs had both selected The Priest and the Mediumfor their monthly discussion groups. She thoroughly enjoyed both groups, and is looking for more such interactions when we return in October from our 10,000 mile book, movie and presentation tour. I will be posting our revised tour schedule in tomorrow’s post. 

I had my last walk today with my Blonde Girlfriend. Jingles, a beautiful Golden Retriever, is being transferred to a full-time trainer for the next phase of her preparation to become a service dog for a disabled veteran. I will miss her, but her Dog Mom Laurene is really going to miss her company and unconditional love. Only other “Dog People” can understand how attached you can get to our little furry friends.  

Some readers may recall that Your Faithful Correspondent has a terminal condition… a brown thumb… when it comes to plants and flowers. Well, I have some good news. Colette Newman, who is from England, had given us a rosebush in a bag–you know …the kind you have to transplant and nurture or it will die? Well, she must have prayed for a Miracle in my case, because the darned thing has actually survived and is now blooming! Thank you, Colette, for the lovely rose bush and for saving me from Horticultural Damnation!  

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  • Jennifer
    Posted April 19, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    Even cat lovers understand this bond….I'm a lover of both…

    Beautiful roses….


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