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Dinner with Songbirds; A Beautiful Concert; Bird Tracks; Parking Hall of Shame; Poop Patrol Award; Two Many Buses? A Mother Dove

The other night we had dinner with Lawyer Gail, and singer-songwriters Karen Taylor-Good and Stowe Shockey. Karen and Stowe were back in town while on tour in central/south Florida for a concert here in The Villages (more on that in the next paragraph). Gail was celebrating for having remained traffic citation-free for over a week now.  That’s not bad for a woman who is on the Marion County Motorcycle Cops’ List of Most Wanted Public Defenders. I think they may be picking on her… but hey, she’s a lawyer, so who is going to get upset about it other than the American Bar Association? 

On Thursday night we attended Karen and Stowe’s “Chix with Hitz” Concert at Church on the Square. They gave a terrific performance! Some of their songs were hits they had written for big country stars like Patty Lovelace. 

Others were written recently for this event. If you haven’t attended one of their concerts, you must put them on your “must do” list for the Fall season. While we are hoping that one day they both move to the Villages, Karen and Stowe currently both live in Nashville, Tennessee. My Lovely Bride and I will be visiting them on our upcoming 2013 Messages of Hope Summer Tour. You can get more information on their schedule, as well as CDs, at

Stowe also has a new book out, Flying High, written with Calvin Lehew and with a foreword by Naomi Judd. It is a moving and motivational story about her successful fight against cancer. See  www.flyinghighbook.comfor more info and to order Stowe’s book. 

Our Frosty Friend Terri from Minnesnowda sent us this cool picture of her deck, covered with snow tracked up by little birdies. Unfortunately, Terri did not actually see the little feathered creatures that left these tracks, but for sure they weren’t snowbirds… snowbirds have more sense than to be in Minneapolis before the 4th of July. Smack… 

On a local note, our Parking Hall of Shame Award this week goes to the unidentified driver who parked his/her car across the driveway of our neighbors Bob and Jan. They had gone out to dinner, and when they returned, found this car blocking their driveway. They then had to maneuver their golf cart across their lawn to get back into their garage. C’mon, guys, was that really necessary?  

Special Honorable Mention to Kathy Vanderhoof, Honorary Poop Patrol Person, who aided Your Faithful Correspondent while walking his blonde girlfriend on Friday. Jingles the Lovely Golden Retriever had just found the perfect spot to, well, you know… and now I had a little bag to dispose of, and Kathy, who had been to Suzanne’s most recent talk, offered up a spot in her trash bag. I offered to immortalize Kathy with a photo in the blog, but she politely declined… something about not wanting to get a strange reputation…. Thanks anyway, Kathy!

This picture shows two huge motor coaches blocking most of Little River Path. Can you imagine anyone taking up that much space on the narrow streets of The Villages? Er, well, full disclosure: the silver one is ours and the gold one is Bob and Jan’s. We were about to depart on a weekend shakedown cruise to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. We are getting ready for our upcoming summer tour and the Blythes are just getting to know their American Eagle. They just happen to be the same model year, 2003. More in a day or two on how the trip went…

Lastly, since this is Spring, the season of rejuvenation and rebirth, here is a photo of a beautiful mother dove on her nest… which was carefully built in a decorative wall hanging at Laurene Peterson’s house (she is Jingles’ mom). Laurene is keeping a watchful eye out on her new ward and will hopefully update us when the babies hatch. 

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  • Jennifer
    Posted April 14, 2013 at 12:39 am

    The photo of this Dove is absolutely beautiful. She
    blends right in with the hanging basket…


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