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Feeling Positive About the USA

This is a short post, but a positive one, after a walk around our campground in Flagstaff, AZ. I have been pretty bummed out by the infantile, moronic, criminal and frankly stupid anarchist actions of some of our young people in several of our major cities. But today, we met a young woman of 19-20 who is on her way to US Navy boot camp to start a new career and serve her country. She was from a family with several generations of sailors and Marines going back to WWII. She was so enthusiastic about joining the Navy that she had started a serious physical fitness program, lost 80 pounds, and met the run and push-up requirements to make it to boot camp. This was not an easy task. She said that after her rigorous fitness program, boot camp would be easy. (It is a minority of kids her age that can even qualify to serve, much less have a positive attitude about boot camp, which is meant to stress young recruits and raise their breaking points.)  Unlike the pampered snowflakes in many elite universities, military personnel are trained to accept hardship. She reminded me a lot of my daughter Susan, who was a career Marine sergeant before we lost her in 2006 to a bolt of lightning. Most kids are raised well, with decent values, but some lose their way to foolish ideas or drugs, and only want to destroy the country they were blessed to be born and raised in. Having been to 65 countries across the globe, I can assure you that there is nowhere that even approaches the USA. I have lived for years in Europe and Asia, and would not want to live anywhere but here in the USA. While imperfect, our nation provides equal and unlimited opportunities to anyone willing to work hard, regardless of color, faith or creed. Few countries around the world have these opportunities. This young woman restored my faith in the youth of America… at least the ones who have not been corrupted by the evil nihilistic philosophies of the main stream media and the radical intelligentsia. If I insult some of my readers, that’s okay. God Bless the United States of America.

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  • Beverly G
    Posted June 25, 2020 at 3:46 am

    Thank you, Ty!


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