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Geo-Quiz Results; The “Pin-It”; A Good Deal, and A Good Deal More; Replacement Flowers; Paperwork Fatigue

Okay, Geo-Quiz/Trivia/Dictionary fans, here are the results you have all been waiting for… 

But, first, here are the quiz questions with correct answers in red:
1. What might I be pouring from a machicolation in the year 1400? Burning oil, boiling water, etc. A machicolation is a floor opening on a castle battlement, through which you could pour boiling oil or water onto attackers below. (This may have also been the source of inspiration for the first outdoor hot shower… medieval soldiers were not particularly well-known for their personal hygiene).

2. What group in what African country uses the Aloe dichotoma, and for what purpose? The San tribe in Namibia hollows out the tubular branches of this tree to make quivers for their arrows. 

3. What fine powdery form of carbon is deposited when oils containing carbon are burned? Lampblack or carbon black. 

4. What is the name of a woman’s gown, fitted above the waist, worn with an open front and draped skirt to show the underskirt, worn in Europe in the late 17th and 18th centuries? The mantua. Most mantuas in existence today are in museums, and were worn as court dress in the 18th century. They were actually quite comfortable, at least when compared to the whalebone-bodice and separate skirts they were designed to replace. 

As an aside, this reminds me of a fortunate turn of fate in my youth… my mother was a seamstress, and taught sewing classes to high school and college girls. As my bedroom was just off the large basement room where the classes were held, I was often drafted by said young ladies to pin up their skirts using the old wooden Pin-It skirt hem marker… 

I initially thought this request demeaning for a 16-year old male, but I quickly appreciated the potential benefits of such duty. And as is often said of such work, “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.” 

5. You are in a hot-air balloon which has developed a serious leak, and you are descending rapidly. Your GPS indicates that you are about to land at position 48.452N, 71.255W. You call for help on the radio. A. What language does your rescue agency speak? French; you are in Quebec. B. You only have time to grab one item from the following list. Which do you grab and why? a. a rifle; b. a hiking stick; c. snowshoes; d. a life jacket; e. a bottle of wine. Life jacket. The position stated is in deep water. The screen shot shows the Google Map position, which is in the Saguenay River near Jonquiere, Quebec

Congratulations to the winners (4 correct answers each), Lynn Spence and Bob Blythe. Lynn and Bob will each receive a box of Magnum ice cream bars (your choice of Classic, Double Chocolate, or Almond) delivered by My Lovely Bride and Your Faithful Correspondent in Corvette Chick’s red ‘Vette. 

Thanks also to Cheryl Breault, Katherine Cote, and Chris Lavender for their entries. Of note, 4 of 5 contestants opted for wine rather than safety equipment when they were about to crash. That says something for their good taste, don’t you think? Special credit goes to Cheryl, whose statement that “Life is too short to drink bad wine” is duplicated on a small pillow on our sofa only a few steps away from where I now write. (It gives me daily inspiration!)

One of the nice characteristics of The Villages is that the flowers at intersections and entrances are replaced about every 3 months, so they never look tired. (There’s nothing worse than tired-looking flowers…) Anyway, here is one example of the floral rejuvenation being undertaken here in central Florida. 

Last night Suzanne’s mom Ruthie came over for dinner, a gourmet lamb dish created by My Lovely Bride. After dinner, we stuffed S.O.A.R! folders for MLB’s workshop in DC this weekend. It was exhausting, because my job was to separate the huge stack of copies and pass one part to Ruthie and the other to Suzanne. I was like a card dealer, first stack of 5 to the left, second stack of ten to the right… by the end of 50 sets, I was beat… 

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