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Hoo-Ray! Come Ride with Us! Dog Days of November; Breakfast of Champions; Flower Quiz; Horse in a Box; The Key to Becoming a Great Golfer

I will only gloat for a moment (at least in this blog; I still need to crack open a bottle of Champagne tonight). Tuesday’s election results were spectacular. I am a very happy camper. To the person who sent me a letter suggesting improvements in this blog regarding my conservative philosophy, thank you for your concern; in your honor, I am sending my hopes, humor and love to Dirty Harry (Equinus posteriorus) of Nevada in hopes that he enjoys his new stall… er, office… as the new minority leader.

Okay, enough frivolity. Here’s an opportunity to go for a nice bike ride “off-campus”. On Saturday, Suzanne and I will be riding in a fundraiser, Cycling for Success. You can ride 7, 30 or 62 miles, and all proceeds from the event benefit the Take Stock in Children programs in Lake, Marion and Sumter counties. Take Stock provides scholarship and mentoring opportunities to students from low-income families who possess the skills and talents to further their education.  All funds raised from this event are matched by the Florida Prepaid College Program. Even if you can’t make the ride, you can donate to this worthy cause. For more information, see:

Lest you think that the dog days of summer are over, here are Rudy and Gretchen enjoying sunny, warm, dry, 80 degree weather here in The Villages. Albertans and Coloradans, eat your hearts out! For info, Calgary will see ice pellets and a low of 19 F on Sunday, with snow and a low of 8 F on Monday. “Hey, Maude, have you seen my snowshoes?” (Global warming is such a pain…)

Everyone has a favorite breakfast… omelets, french toast, Oreos and milk… hey, what was that last one? Yes, sports fans, Oreos and milk. It’s an ideal mix of carbs and protein, just the ticket for early morning walkers and runners. Okay, maybe a cup of coffee precedes it, but I warrant that you will find Oreos and milk much tastier than a kale smoothie or a quinoa quiche. (Jeepers, that sounds yucky.)

Okay, flower children, it’s time for a quiz… identify this flower correctly and you will be entered in a drawing for brekkie for two with Your Faithful Correspondent and His Lovely Bride at First Watch Cafe. Send an email with your answer to by Saturday, and a winner will be selected among the correct replies and announced on Sunday or Monday.

This entry is for car enthusiasts, especially those from Indiana. (Are you there, Dale?) I was driving home today and passed this moving van a few blocks away unloading boxes and household goods of a new Villager. Not very unusual here in this popular over 55 community. But what caught my eye was the Ford Mustang in the moving van. My first thought was to laugh and reflect on the old joke, FORD… Fix Or Repair Daily. Or maybe the owner was afraid to drive such a long distance. I asked the movers if this was a common way to get a car south from Indiana, and they laughed and said, no, this was their first, but the car only had 600 miles on the odometer. At this rate, the owner may break 1,000 in a year or two, if he gets a golf cart…

Finally, as many of you know, The Villages is a golf community. I tried to learn the game when we got here, but after four years of frustration, decided that root canals without anesthesia would be a lot more fun. I haven’t picked up a club in the past three years, but today thought, hey, why not go to the neighborhood putting green and see if the layoff has helped my game? I think this picture tells it all; I think my game would improve a lot, if I only had an Oval Office…

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  • Anonymous
    Posted November 11, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    Nice Mustang. There are quite a few call haulers from the Indiana area that transport snowbird cars one way or round trips. Looks like the Mustang had a nice enclosed trip.


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