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Loudmouth! Photo Quiz Part 1; Flowers; Kerfuffle

While w-a-l-k-i-n-g Rudy and Gretchen in t-o-w-n today, I was almost blinded by the bright colors of a shirt and shorts being worn by a visitor to The Villages. Dan, a resident of West Palm Beach, is obviously used to the brighter, more flamboyant lifestyle and dress code of the Miami area than the staid, “quaint” style here in The Villages. I’m not sure if he chose this color pattern because (1) he was afraid his golfing partners in the scramble might not be able to see him, thus risking being struck by an errant Srixon golf ball; (2) when he’s not on the golf course, he’s out bird hunting with former Vice President Dick Cheney, or (3) he is color blind. In any case, his two partners were chuckling about my asking if I could take his picture for the blog, and they were quick to step out of the camera’s field of view, probably since they were dressed like normal people (but what is “normal”, really, but “boring”, like Your Faithful Correspondent). My hat is off to Dan, who said that I could get a set of shorts like these from . (Thanks, Dan, but I’m afraid they’re not “me”… but I did like the looks of a set of mini-skorts… not for me, but for Corvette Chick!) 
This week’s quiz is a bit different than normal… but then isn’t everything on this blog? I guarantee that it will be easier than the last one. We start today with 2 photographs. There will be four more sets of photos, for a total of ten (10) for those who are arithmetically challenged. Your objective, should you choose to play, is to identify each photograph with a simple description (max of 20 words, please; we don’t need the Great American Novella here.) If you don’t have a clue as to its identity and/or location, then just make something up. There will be two winners: the one with the most correct answers and the one with the most original answers, even if they are totally wacko.  And yes, you can have a mix of the two, so you’d be crazy not to enter!

Okay, Photo # 1. Here is a hint: it is NOT in Europe. 

                                                                     And now, Photo # 2 (the bird, not the tree): 

Flowers of the Day: I wanted to add these just because they struck me as beautiful. I don’t have a clue as to what they are, since I never grew flowers. If any would like to identify them, just drop me an email at  

Our word for the day is kerfuffle n. U.K. a noisy disturbance or commotion (informal) [Early 19th C. Origin uncertain: perhaps from Gaelic car “twist” + Scots fuffle “fuss”, similar in meaning to “getting your knickers in a twist”.] Example of use: “My goodness, Margaret, that American chap is creating a kerfuffle at the front desk.”  “It’s simply shocking, Louise; these colonials just don’t know how to behave in polite society, do they?” (Actually overheard by My Lovely Bride in reference to a disturbed American at the Cooper Island Beach Club, British Virgin Islands, 1999. The American in question was subsequently identified as Your Faithful Correspondent.)  

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  • Jennifer
    Posted January 16, 2013 at 1:45 am

    His shorts look like they are covered with Peacock

    #2) woodpecker-there are different kinds
    #3) pansies

    #1 don't know….


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