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“Name That Girl” Contest Winner

I would like to thank all the entrants in the Name That Girl Contest for their submissions. Some were thoughtful, some whimsical, some serious; at least one included some downright naughty thoughts; a few even gave me advice… a representative sample of submissions follows:

– Kailani – sea and sky
– Oli Olive
– Hula Hottie
– Luluty
– Wobblin’ Wikiwiki
– Lolita
– Kaholo Kali
– Kahula Sue
– Huli Huli
– Angel – “She is there to protect and guide you when Suzanne is not available.  With a name like angel she will also protect you from the temptations that you so frequently lament about.  She and Suzanne can be a team!”
– O-me-li-ka-ty (Honorable mention)
– Contessa
– Kainalu – ocean that billows
– Nomalonelea (Honorable mention)
– Kailea – means Baby Doll
– Ululani – divine inspiration
– Nani Wahine
– Beulah

– From Brenda Baker: “I have put virtually no thought into this. I am fully aware that must also be the state you were in when designing this contest. I have two suggestions: Miss Sour Grapes – such is the state of any points you earned unseeding the grapes. That was then; this is now. Poor Ty. Shegonna – as in, she gonna kick your ass if you keep this up.” (Thanks a lot, Brenda!)

– And finally, from Lynn Spence: “Ok, Sailor. You’ve let I-95 get to you. Suzanne is back on board now so naming the plastic hula girl should be way down on your list. Find a body of water, sit and meditate beside it. Let your mind find balance again and do not, I repeat, DO NOT fixate on the gyrating Polynesian girl. It’s for your own good.”

Lynn and Brenda fall into the category of sometimes annoying sisters, looking over my shoulder and kibbitzing…  😉

Multiple entries (I’m talking 8 and 7 respectively) were received from Terri Horsmann and Gail Grossman. Either they are among my Most Devoted Readers or they have far too much time on their hands…
Making a decision was tough, but the entry that reflected my personality (not sure that’s a good thing, in this case) and is the winner, was Hula Babe, from Connie England, in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. Connie wins a Polynesian dinner with Ty and Suzanne, if Der Blogmeister can get permission to dig a pit in The Villages to roast a pig… if not, a barbeque on the lanai will have to do…

Thanks to everyone who entered – you gave me and My Lovely Bride lots of laughs over the past few days!!!

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