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Photo Quiz Update

Okay, thanks to Jan Smith for letting Klutzoid know that he had forgotten to add his email address at the bottom of the last blog. (You just can’t get good help these days.) Here is the full, now complete, totally accurate photo quiz paragraph for those Internet-challenged readers not willing to go to the last blog entry…

Finally, here’s our Photo Quiz. I have always liked doors. Not “The Doors”, like the band from the 70s, but the wooden type that sealed out the Huns and Vandals (briefly), or those that keep your little Fluffy from biting the mailman (oops, sorry, PC Alert! I meant to say “Postal Carrier”.) The best and earliest responder to most nearly, almost correctly, come close to identifying the geographic location of this door (area, building, city and state, or city and foreign country… whatever works!) wins lunch with Your Intrepid Correspondent and His Lovely Bride. And don’t think this is a really hard, trick quiz… for experienced geo-cachers, a 12 digit lat/long will suit just fine… if you’re not a geo-cacher, throw out a wild guess. You have a much better chance of winning this Photo Quiz than you have of winning the Florida Lotto!  Send your email answer to

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