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To S.O.A.R! in Sarasota; Caught by the Fashion Police; A Walk in the Park; Fishermen Lie! Two Kisses

The second event of our trip to Sarasota was Suzanne’s S.O.A.R! Workshop, held on Saturday. She had 15 enthusiastic attendees, and the Sarasota Center of Light was filled with Love all day.  

I got a 5 miler in that morning… normally I wear regular white gym socks with my sneakers, but I had forgotten to pack them. I had to wear black dress socks, but knew that no one that I knew would see me here in Sarasota. I forgot to take them off as soon as I returned to The Bus, and was caught by My Lovely Bride on camera who came out to see me on the morning break… she had no mercy, even after I begged her not to snap that photo. Sigh… 

Rudy and Gretchen made cameo appearances after lunch, and were a hit. They were on their best behavior since they were in church. There were lots of dog people there, so they received plenty of attention.

The puppies were then ready for a w-a-l-k in t-o-w-n. Here they are with their leads on, looking forward to a chance to chase squirrels in a new town. We couldn’t find any in the neighborhood around SCoL, so we diverted to the ville by car. 

After coffee for Dad at Simon’s Coffee Shop, we stopped at the Edson Keith Estate on Phillippi Creek. The Italian Renaissance style house was a private residence of Edson Keith, part of Sarasota’s “Chicago Colony”, and was built in 1916. The property was bought in 1939 by Chicago doll clothes designer Mae Hansen Prodie, and was operated as a luxury inn by her husband in the 1950s. It was acquired after her death by Sarasota County as a park site. 

While touring the grounds, we stopped and talked to these two kayak fishermen. I asked the older guy if they had caught anything. He said, poker-faced, “Of course, 12 grouper, eight tarpon, and four walleye.” I replied, “Wow, that is great. You are either (a) the world’s best fish filet’er, to have gotten all those fish in that tiny cooler, or (b) the world’s most gracious “catch and release” fisherman, or (c) the world’s worst fishing liar.” His son choked with mirth.

When I had left The Bus for our recon trip to town, I had left a couple of bottles of spring water on the inside step for My Lovely Bride during her workshop’s afternoon break, since we would be away for several hours. I was not surprised to find them gone, but I was delighted to find these two Silver Bells, AKA Hershey’s Kisses, on a plate in place of the water. She is so sweet! Thank you, Sweetheart… 


  • Jennifer
    Posted January 28, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Ty, I think your black socks look pretty good! They match your shorts..

    Beautiful photo of Rudy and Gretchen..Rudy looks very confident in that photo. Nice to know they
    got lots of attention…

  • Ty and Suzanne Giesemann
    Posted January 29, 2013 at 2:28 am


    I agree, the fashion police were off the mark with my black socks. 😉

  • Jennifer
    Posted January 29, 2013 at 3:47 am

    Very funny…


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