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Trips and More Trips! Heart Gifts – An Amazing Wolf; A New Book! A Babe Magnet

Suzanne returned from her retreat at Unity Village on Monday night. She took a brief respite to catch her breath, and then we loaded up The Coach for a two day trip to Citrus County, Florida (vicinity of the towns of Lecanto, Homosassa, Crystal River, Beverly Hills and Hernando). A quick get-a-way vacation, you ask? Au contraire – it was for a channeling session (Sanaya) and a Tapping Into the Grid presentation for the Homosassa New Age Thinkers (NATs), held at the Citrus County Unity Church in Lecanto.

The events with the New Age Thinkers group were organized by Donna Scarpello, seen here with Suzanne following her talk. This community has been very welcoming to Suzanne and her messages of hope and love, and this was our third annual trip to Citrus County.

In between events, Rudy and Gretchen got to walk around our campground at Rock Crusher Canyon (what a great name, and a very scenic RV park). There were oak trees everywhere, and each one had its resident squirrels (the eastern gray variety, Sciurus carolinensis). For those members of PETA or SPCA who may be concerned about our puppies reducing the squirrel population, have no fear – they are kept on lead, so when they chase the little rodents Your Intrepid Correspondent is being pulled around like a sled, giving the squirrels more than a fair chance of survival. In fact, no squirrels have been killed, maimed, injured during our chases. (In fact, they usually look down from safety in high branches and go ‘Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!’ at Rudy and Gretchen…)

Suzanne also introduced her latest book, In the Silence, a follow-on to Love Beyond Words, which provides 365 daily inspirational messages from Sanaya. Thanks to Bev Garlipp, who was instrumental in compiling the books’ pages and who is now helping to coordinate advance orders. This, Suzanne’s 10th book, will be available before Thanksgiving, and advance orders can be made through her web site,

Hardly pausing to catch our breaths, we returned to The Villages Saturday evening for a Sunday event at Lake Miona Recreation Center, where Suzanne gave her new Heart Gifts presentation for the first time in Florida. Its big debut was in Crete, Greece, during the A Healing Journey: Life, Death and Beyond conference, where she presented along with Dr Eben Alexander, MD (author of Proof of Heaven) and several other speakers.

Suzanne asked Bev Garlipp to introduce her at this event. Bev has been Suzanne’s indispensable right hand for the past two years, doing all the background planning for every event on the road and here in The Villages.

Sunday’s event was Standing Room Only, with about 360 attendees present to hear her story about a most remarkable young man, Wolf, who transitioned to the other side when struck by lightning, like our daughter Susan. The synchronicities she experienced and the messages that she received from Wolf are nothing short of astounding with ramifications for us all.

How Suzanne came to know Wolf and his loving parents, Mike and Beth, is a long, amazing story that I cannot recount here. I suggest you attend her Heart Gifts presentation in person, and be prepared for a most remarkable experience. (You can find out when she’ll be presenting it next by checking the Calendar page under events on her website).

After her Heart Gifts presentation, we opened up The Coach for tours and book sales, including advance orders for In the Silence. We had a great response, and several requests to ride with us on our 2014 summer tour. One young lady even offered to swap her house for our coach, and she sounded serious… sorry, but we are committed to land cruising for the next few years.

As many of you know, Rudy is kind of a ham. He knows he is very photogenic, and after he was a co-star in the Messages of Hope documentary, he became accustomed to having a make-up girl and hair stylist prepare him for his scenes. Well, I’m neither a make-up person nor a stylist, but I drew the short straw for his grooming appointment. Afterwards we went into town, and after a long walk and lots of “Oh, isn’t he cute!”, Rudy asked, “Dog-Dad, what’s a Babe Magnet?” “Shush, Rudy, Dog Mom and Gretchen might hear you!”

We are back in The Villages for a few days before Suzanne’s Lovely Sister Janice and her husband Allan visit for a few days from West Chester, PA, and then we are heading south to Sarasota, Florida for two events. The first is on Tuesday 19 November at the Vista Spiritual Center, part of the Sarasota Bayfront Community Center (Making the Connection – Learning to Attune to Higher Consciousness) and the second on Wednesday 20 November at the Sarasota Center of Light (Heart Gifts Workshop). Both events are from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, and you can get more details at Suzanne’s web site,  (I think My Lovely Bride may have misled me when she said that we would be returning to The Villages and getting some rest after our 10,000 mile summer coach trip. It’s like living with the Energizer Bunny!)

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