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Vail Events; Glenwood Canyon; A Serious Biker; Breckenridge; Denver; Golden Gate Canyon

We departed Carbondale for Suzanne’s next event at the Vail Symposium, where she had two events scheduled. The first was her Preponderance of the Evidence talk on a Thursday evening…

Followed the next day by her Awakened Living 301 workshop. The audience was extremely receptive, and both presentations were very well received. We hope to return to the Vail area next summer.

Our stay in the Vail area wasn’t all work, however. We again passed through Glenwood Canyon on I-70, one of the most amazing engineering projects in the USA. The scenery here is dramatic, the canyon having been cut through the millenia by the Colorado River. 

The cliffs rise to heights of 1,300 feet, and kayakers and rafters love the white water rapids.

We rode our bikes from the east end of the canyon to the west end, then back again. The westbound downhill was just a tad bit easier than the eastbound uphill, mainly because we had a tailwind on the return trip. (This attractive young cyclist is wearing her snazzy new Liv jersey and shorts, known in the cycling community as a “kit”.)

On the ride, we met a friendly motorcyclist from Knoxville, Tennessee, at a rest stop. Warner Brannon might be considered a fanatic, because he has 11 motorcycles, many of which he has raced. (And I thought I was bad with just two bicycles!) The bike he is riding is a world-class 1,000 cc V-twin racing bike, and can achieve speeds up to 164 mph.

Our next stop was in Breckenridge, a nice (but very touristy) ski town at 9,600 feet elevation. The altitude was a bit draining for both of us, but more so for My Lovely Bride. We skipped a hard workout and did a mellow walk through town with our puppies Rudy and Gretchen. The lighting over the mountains at sunset was beautiful, though… 

… and this hole in the clouds the next day made me thankful for our brief stop here.

Then on to Denver, where we caught up with new good friends from our stop in Phoenix. Jeff and Lynn Hollaman had us over to their house in Arizona, and again at their home in Denver. We met their daughter Kelsey, Matt and neighbor Mark, and had a great time swapping stories in addition to a delicious meal. 

We also had an opportunity to catch up with our dear friends Elaine and Charlie Cunis, AKA Colonel Crusty. Crusty has had the bad fortune to be on the losing side of the Army-Navy games now for a decade or so, and had the even worse bad luck to make bets with Suzanne and me. We really feel sorry for Colonel Crusty and his US Military Academy football team, the Black Knights on the Hudson. (Yeah, Right… GO NAVY!!!)

Suzanne is now in Raleigh-Durham, NC, speaking at the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, and then giving her Serving Spirit course on the weekend. The puppies and I are enjoying the beauty of Golden Gate Canyon State Park, near Golden, Colorado. I even built a fire tonight, and am enjoying a small glass of Malbec beside the fire…

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  • Lynette
    Posted June 22, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Wow! The clouds and the beautiful light in the Colorado sky. Miss it.


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