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500th Reading; An Impromptu Concert; A Naughty Video???

Suzanne reached a milestone on Tuesday, giving her 500th mediumistic reading. And yes, it was a good one! She continues to work through her long waiting list, and has reopened it after whittling it down to under 100. (I’m sure it will get much longer again, but that’s to be expected.)

Our good friend Michelle Uss called My Lovely Bride the other day with a brilliant idea: “Suzanne, what do you think about getting together at Colony Cottage Rec. Center and playing some special music for your Mom? You bring your flute and I’ll play the piano.”  Well, last night there was a special concert for Ruthie, John Uss and myself… which turned into an open concert for anyone passing by. They played for almost two hours, and several of the songs were Ruthie’s favorites that brought back many fond memories from her 61 years of marriage to her husband Bill, Suzanne’s Dad.

I guess the music was especially appreciated by the Colony Clay Arts Club, whose workshop was being held about 30 feet away. Their door was open, and at one point several potters came out to listen up close and to thank the girls for their music.

Michelle and Suzanne were a fabulous duet. It was hard to believe that they had never played together. I think we may be hearing more of their beautiful music in the future. We were very happy to learn that John and Michelle will be moving to The Villages permanently after they sell their house in Connecticut; Hoo-Ray!!!

As many of you know, Suzanne and I are both retired Navy. As military retirees, we have a very good health plan called TriCare, although when I reached 65, I had to shift to MediCare. One of the frustrations with TriCare is that most doctors do not accept it because they don’t pay the same rate as MediCare or civilian health plans. It was not unusual for her to have to drive 45 minutes to an hour to find a specialist (such as a GYN) that accepted TriCare. She mentioned that she might be getting a new GYN here in Lady Lake, which would be much more convenient, but that she wanted to watch a YouTube video that he had posted before making a decision. I reacted with some degree of shock and amazement, and asked, “You mean your prospective gynecologist has a YouTube video? It probably has about 5 million views from teenage boys across the country! Snort…” She replied frostily, “It’s not that kind of video… it’s him giving a presentation at a medical conference.”  Smack….   (Sheesh… When will I learn???)

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