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A Birthday Lunch; Sunset; Oh, No….

We joined our Legal Beagle friend Gail Grossman for her birthday lunch at Evans Prairie Country Club on Friday. Gail’s swim teammates LuAnn and Lin were also on hand to roast Gail a bit and enjoy the festivities. Lin is from England, and her brother is a competitive hot air balloonist; one of her best stories was when her brother invited her to take a peek in the balloon’s wicker basket before a flight. She got in just to look around, but was shocked when her brother cast off the mooring lines and took her up several thousand feet for a long ride. “Thanks, Bro!” (Okay, that’s probably not exactly what Lin said at that point, but after all, this is a G-rated blog.) 

Sunset is probably my favorite time of day. When we were cruisers (sailing full-time), and only at anchor or at a marina, it was the time to have friends over for “sundowners”, otherwise known as cocktail hour ashore. We would watch the sun set, ooh and ahh, and listen to other cruisers blow horns made of conch shells. Now, we often sit on the lanai with a glass of wine and enjoy the light show. Last night was no exception; Mother Nature graced us with a beautiful display of “light on clouds”… not many artists can match this reality!

One of Our Contributing Editors, Gisela Padgett, sent in a photo of another most ridiculous parking job that instantly earned a spot in our Parking Hall of Shame. This time it wasn’t a car… or a truck… or a golf cart… This bicycle owner must have forgotten what he was driving!

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  • Jennifer
    Posted February 3, 2013 at 12:40 am

    Ty, your parking photos are too funny….

    Gorgeous crimson sunset..


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