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One Tired Puppy; An Awards Dinner; A Navy Blimp; Call the SPCA! Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

Rudy is now 8 years old, 56 years old in people years, and “officially” no longer a puppy. That’s why he can be forgiven for “crashing” at the end of a hard day of traveling without his normal napping. I think at this moment he must have been dreaming of chasing squirrels, because his little legs would twitch every now and then as if he were running… and of course he likes to lie on our clothes because of the smells… 

My Lovely Bride and I had the pleasure of hosting the latest Geo-Quiz Award Winners for dinner Tuesday evening. Peter and Carole Lee, and Bob and Jan Blythe joined us for Dendrobranchiata, Solanum melongena, and Prunun avium. What, you’ve never heard of those names? Well, you have probably eaten them… shrimp (served with New Orleans Remoulade sauce), eggplant (baked with ziti, Kalamata olives and marinara sauce), and Bing cherries (Jubilee). The Lees and Blythes were great fun, but during dinner, I learned from Peter that he had used a reverse photo identification program on the Internet to get his answers…. Hiss-Boo! I tried to hold back his dessert, but Suzanne said that that would be rude…. Peter and Carole are from Wisconsin. That’s another place in The Frozen North. We were there once (by accident), but heard that you can tell someone is a Cheesehead if their snowblower gets stuck on the roof in June.

While walking in our local town square, I glanced up and spotted this US Navy blimp flying over Lake Sumter. There are two possible reasons for its flight here. The first is that the US Navy is having trouble recruiting, and is looking for retired US Navy personnel here in The Villages to return to active duty. (Sign me up!) The second possible reason may be related to recent reports of Communist Chinese submarine ballistic missile launches off the California coast; perhaps the blimp was making sure that Lake Sumter was free of those threats. 

I received an email today that shocked me. So-called “friends” of ours (I shouldn’t mention their names, but their initials are Sharon and Joyce) altered my photo of Rudy and Gretchen and “morphed” black socks onto their feet. This attempt at “black humor” was intended to poke fun at Your Faithful Correspondent’s somewhat embarrassing “fashion malfunction” on Saturday (see the blog post below). I was notamused. In fact, I lodged an irate complaint with the SPCA, but the lady on the phone didn’t appear to be taking me seriously. Maybe I’ll have to contact People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) instead…   

Finally, Corvette Chick and I got back out onto the Withlacoochee State Trail again on Wednesday for a 30 mile bike ride. There were two highlights. The first came when Suzanne had to beg for mercy due to my blinding speed after 25 miles. (Having lowered her rear tire pressure to 25 psi instead of its normal 105 psi really helped me!) The second highlight was showing off my superb bull-riding technique on Wild Thang, an almost unbroken wild steer…. okay, so it was the Central Florida version of a 1,500 lb. killer bull, kinda-sorta a bull substitute in the kids playground, named Tony the Tortoise. Anyway, I had a blast, I rode for more than the 8 second minimum, and he didn’t throw me… too hard… more than twice…


  • Jennifer
    Posted January 31, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    The black socks on Rudy and Gretchen is pretty funny. I'm glad the socks are not real!

  • Unknown
    Posted January 31, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    Ty, just remember that the Wisconsin Cheeseheads supply you cheese for your wonderful meals.


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