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A New Venue; Geo-Quiz Awards; Mountain Biking; A Greek Banquet; Bongo; Happy Thanksgiving!

On Tuesday, My Lovely Bride gave her Meaning and Messages From the Other Side presentation at the United Church of Christ on Route 101. About 70 people attended, most of whom had not heard Suzanne speak before. It was a well-received and emotional talk, with more men attending than we usually see. 

Suzanne signed many books both before and after her talk. There was also a lot of interest in her January 10th S.O.A.R! Workshop at Unity of The Villages.

Wednesday was another busy day. Aside for shopping for the ingredients for Ty’s Unbelievably Delicious Oyster Dressing (TUDOD), we went mountain biking, had a fabulous lunch, delivered Geo-Quiz prizes, helped a friend with a micro-cell tower, and gave a reading (well, actually Suzanne did that by herself… I’m not at that point in my spiritual path yet, and likely won’t be until my fourth reincarnation down the road…).

We presented Geo-Quiz Awards for the boiling oil in defense of the castle/Quiver tree/hot air balloon crash to Bob Blythe and Lynn Spence, with 4 correct answers each. Since Bob lives across the street, we decided to conserve some Jurassic plant and dinosaur remains (otherwise known as gasoline) and walk his Magnum Bars across the street. Fortunately, Jan offered us one of the chocolate covered ice cream treats, and we accepted, just to make sure that they were fit for human consumption. 

Our mountain biking trip was to Santos Trailhead near Ocala, Florida, with our friend from the biker bar Sharon. It was a blast, not only because the weather was perfect, but mostly because this was Sharon’s first trail ride on a mountain bike. After an hour, she was riding like a pro! She enjoyed the ride as much as we enjoyed her company, and I expect that you may see Sharon riding in competitive mountain biking events in the near future.

After our bike ride, we met our other biker bar buddy Joyce, who had prepared a fabulous Greek lunch for the riders, with stuffed grape leaves (dolmades), Greek salad with feta, olives, pita, hummus, baklava, and a very nice Coppola Rosso. There was also a huge synchronicity involved… as we drove through the gate, we commented that it would be interesting if the house was near that of our friends who had moved away from The Villages a couple of years ago… it was not only close… it was the same house!!!!

Before we left, we met Joyce’s pride and joy, Bongo, a handsome Conyer parrot with quite a voice. I tried to teach Bongo some “sailor words” to surprise Joyce after we left, but I’m not sure he was taking it all aboard… or maybe he had more sense than I did…

I think maybe Sharon overheard my attempts at humor with Bongo, because just before we left, she gave me the bird… not Bongo – he is priceless – and not the single-fingered version (you should have your mouth washed out for even thinking that!), but two cute little turkeys made of Oreos (my favorite cookies), candy corn, Reese’s pieces, and malted milk balls. I’m not sure what Joyce was trying to indicate by her gesticulation here… 

For Lynn Spence’s Geo-Quiz award presentation, Corvette Chick and I drove her red ‘Vette to Lynn’s house where her husband Bailey grabbed the box of Magnum Bars and gleefully headed for the back 40. (Well, okay, he put them in the freezer, but my first story sounds much more fun). Bailey also told us about his busy schedule with his church’s Helping Hands program, where refurbished trailers are provided to families in need. It was a nice reminder of what the holidays are all about.

Thanks for following the blog, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


  • Lois Anne
    Posted November 22, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    I love little Bongo!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Suzanne, Rudy, and Gretchen!

  • Jennifer
    Posted November 23, 2012 at 12:24 am

    What a beautiful orange Parrot…

    The "Villages" looks like such an active community and it seems they enjoy having Suzanne speak.

    Thanks for all the wonderful photos, Ty.
    Happy Thanksgiving to both of you and the "children".


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