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Thanksgiving; Facial Recognition Quiz Results; St Pete Race Photo; A Girl, Tools, and Fire!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. My Lovely Bride, Her Lovely Mom, and I were invited  over to the Blythes’ for turkey dinner. 
I made my world-famous oyster dressing, Suzanne made a scrumptious green bean casserole, and Ruthie brought her crowd-pleasing baked pineapple. Jan baked the turkey, had lots of sides as well as three fabulous pies….

The Massachusetts contingent (Bob, Jan, and Jan’s mom and dad, Rita and Frank Fitzpatrick) were joined by Jan’s cousin Jim and his wife Dee from Georgia.  After the feast, I had to go for a three mile walk to help digest… 

Here are the answers to last week’s facial recognition quiz, which was challenging (of note, many people used to “Googling for Trivia” didn’t show up and submit entries!):

“The Divine” Greta Garbo
“I want to be alone;
I just want to be alone.”
Femme Fatale Lana Turner“My goal was to have one husband and seven children,
but it turned out to be the other way around.”

“Sweater Girl” Jane Russell
Bob Hope: 
“Culture is the ability to describe
Jane Russell without moving your hands.”

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
(Holding the agreement signed with Hitler in 1938,
and announcing “Peace for Our Time”;
it didn’t quite work out that way.)

The “Blonde Bombshell”,
Sultry Jean Harlow
Died tragically at 26; “The day Baby died,
there wasn’t a sound in the MGM
commissary for three hours.”
Jeff Chandler
(“Impossibly Handsome”)

Gen George Patton, US Army
VMI Grad, 1912 Olympic Pentathlete,
1920 Master of the Sword, and
the Army’s best general in WWII

Mamie Eisenhower
(Moved 28 times with her husband, Ike; also famous
for her recipe for Mamie’s Million Dollar Fudge)

Admiral Bull Halsey, US Navy
“There are no great men, just great challenges
which ordinary men, out of necessity,
are forced by circumstances to meet.”

The Quiz Winner, the only entry with six correct answers, is Chris Lavender. Chris wins breakfast at Panera for two with Corvette Chick and Your Faithful Correspondent. Congratulations, Chris.

Susan Prince, who completed the Ladies’ Half Marathon in St Pete last week, sent us this photo taken by her son of her hydrating after the race… There’s only one thing better than water to hydrate following a hard workout… Beer! Her caption was “Victory is sweet and must be celebrated!” 

One of the things that makes many men shake in their boots is the sight of a woman with a power tool or a wrench in her hand. I will admit to having some trepidation the first time My Lovely Bride told me that she was going to replace an electric water pump on our 46 foot sailboat, Liberty, many years ago. But since she did an exceptional job on that maintenance task, I was less worried when the following year, Suzanne said that she was going to replace one of the two critical primary jib sheet winches while I did the other. Again, she did a great job. So while I was putting away the power washer after finishing cleaning the lanai today, I was not too surprised to see her already half finished the construction of one of two seven foot tall propane lanai heaters like you see in outside restaurants. (And without a single chipped nail!)

For background info, we had asked a local contractor for an estimate to enclose the lanai for winter use. The estimate came in at $11,000.00. My Fiscally Conservative Bride said, “No way, Buster!” So then a few days ago when we were having lunch with Joyce and Sharon, she noticed their propane heater. Light bulbs came on, and now we can brave some of Florida’s notorious frigid Arctic weather with our new heaters, which actually work! 

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