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A Very Dreary Day; Raindrops on Screen; Tron Travails; Cinq Cepages; Diphyodonts Are Coming!

Today was A Very Dreary Day. When we lived in the Seattle area, October to April was grey, dreary, depressing… the houses had moss and grass growing on the roofs, and this wasn’t just out in the woods, but also in town! DC wasn’t a lot better, when you factored in snow, ice and sleet. We moved to FL to get away from rain and clouds and dreariness. So when we get a day like today, we have to consciously say, “Well, we needed the rain.” And hope that tomorrow will be warm, sunny and dry. At least I got to catch up on paperwork and do some planning for next summer’s trip to Alaska in The Bus.

There was one highlight today… the rain and fog left our lanai screen (birdcage) covered with water droplets. I used a regular lens on my camera for the first photo; that’s a palm tree about 50 feet away in the background. 

For the second shot, I used a macro lens. I really like the feeling of getting into small spaces with this lens… you can even see the upside-down image of the palm tree in individual drops of water… very cool!  

It’s a good thing My Lovely Bride is a patient woman. (I heard someone out there thinking, “She must be, Ty, to be married to you!”Was that the kindest thing you could have said? Hmmm, maybe it was…) In any case, she proved her patience by maintaining her cool over the past week or so as her personal trons (electronics, as in computer, iPad and iPhone) all crashed sequentially. She has been spending so much time trying to fix these problems that the folks at the computer shop, AT&T, and Carbonite know her by her first name. I’ve heard that they also run for cover whenever she shows up or calls, because her “tron problems” are never easy fixes. I did hear more than the normal number of “Isn’t that interesting” mutterings between the heavy sighs.

When we visited a couple of Sonoma Valley wineries last summer, I may have made a slight miscalculation as a result of excessive consumption of some very tasty fermented grape juice. I joined a wine club. Sure, lots of people join wine clubs, order steaks from a butcher in Nebraska, get custom fitted glow-in-the-dark wheel covers for their golf carts, and other totally unnecessary luxuries. (Maybe that’s why they are called “luxuries” and not “necessities”.) In my case, I was helped along the road by My Lovely Bride who got me a very cool bike jersey with the logo of the really fantastic wine we had just tried that led me to join the wine club. Recently my first shipment of three bottles of wine arrived, and we have been saving the best bottle for a special occasion, in this case the night that Suzanne’s computer, iPad and iPhone were miraculously restored to life. It just happens to be the same wine that convinced me to join the wine club, and I have to admit, it is a great marketing idea… and a truly delicious wine. (Now, to find some other reasons to celebrate!) Salute! 

Word for the Day, selected at random by Suzanne: diphyodont, n. a mammal that grows two sets of teeth in a lifetime. From Greek stem diphu- (double form) + Greek stem -odont (tooth). (At first, it passed over my pea-brain that we are diphyodonts… I initially thought it was a type of dinosaur… My Lovely Bride thought that my lack of instant cognition was rather humorous.  She reminded me that were we not diphyodonts, the Tooth Fairy would be out of business.)

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  • Jennifer
    Posted January 5, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    Rainy days in Florida are not much fun….

    I am intrigued by your vocabulary! Diphyodont. That's a new one for me…..


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