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An Army-Navy Game Dinner; Singin’ and Dancin’; Stopping Robbers; Fort Fun; A Bella Sparks Event; An Udder Feeding Frenzy

One of the joys of having taught at the US Naval Academy was attending the Army-Navy game, one of the most long-running sporting rivalries in the world. Both Suzanne and I taught at Annapolis, albeit in different decades. We always loved the excitement of Army-Navy, regardless of who won, although it was always more satisfying if the Midshipmen of the Severn beat the Black Knights of the Hudson. It was with some glee that when Army Colonel “Crusty” Cunis bet on the game last year, wagering lunch with My Lovely Bride, to be made good when we came to Fort Collins this summer. Why glee on our part? Navy had beaten Army the last eleven games, and we were confident that the streak would hold; we were elated last November when Navy won 34-7. Crusty and His Lovely Bride Elaine made good on the bet with class, hosting a gourmet Italian feast catered by Biaggi’s Restaurant for us, Bob and Jan, and Cara Blake (Suzanne had given Cara a reading and she lived nearby). Army fans should be praying daily that this drought is broken next year!

The photo at left requires some explanation. I was washing up in the kitchen, and a familiar song came on the radio. I started singing in my very melodious voice, and loud guffaws were heard from My Lovely Bride and My Good Friend Bob; thankfully, Jan was so impressed by my singing that she jumped up and started dancing. I was gratified that at least one person there was appreciative of my musical talents.

This sign on a bank door in Fort Collins amused me… I am sure that all bank robbers entering the Great Western Bank will follow instructions to the letter and remove his/her hat and sunglasses before entering the lobby, thereby facilitating their arrests.

Fort Collins is evidently also known by its nickname, Fort Fun. (We learned this from Bob and Jan, whose son Chris had attended Colorado State University here). One of the popular night (and day) hangouts on College Avenue is the Crank n Stein, a combination bicycle shop, coffee shop and beer joint. There is even room to lock up a dozen or so bikes inside the shop/bar. It was going great guns when we passed… just leave your dog at the door, Dude.

Friday night was Suzanne’s first event of a double-header in Fort Collins, a panel discussion on grief with Donna Visocky, Sarina Baptista and Sue Frederick. Sponsored by Bella Spark Productions and held at Unity of Fort Collins, it was very well received.

Saturday saw these same four women giving presentations on their chosen topics. Suzanne gave her Meaning in the Messages talk, followed by book signings. Thanks to Donna and Sarina for inviting Suzanne to this special event, and to each of these women for their efforts to help those suffering from losses. (Of note, all four presenters had lost children.)

After the day-long conference, we were all invited to dinner at the home of Anne and Dale Smigelsky. It was a lively and laughter-filled feast. Here are Bob and Donna Visocky, Suzanne, Anne and Dale, Debbie Svitavsky, and John and Sarina Baptista at the table. It was a splendid evening; many thanks to Anne and Dale for their wonderful hospitality. I felt sorry for Dale; a renowned Fort Collins golf pro, he had to be up by 0400 to organize and host a golf tournament!

Finally, as were driving to our campground the other day, I had to stop and take a picture of an Udder Feeding Frenzy… about 100 cows were lined up for dinner, their heads sticking through a fence to get the fresh hay that was their dinner. At first I had taken a photo from the other side of the fence, but I thought it might be inappropriate to display 100 dairy-airs in a G-rated blog.

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    Posted June 10, 2014 at 2:51 am

    I look like I am doing the Mexican hat dance


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