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Cleaning Donuts; A Truck Garden; Almost Final Geo-Quiz Update

Having spent most of my adult life aboard US Navy ships in all of the world’s oceans, I am not a yard person. I did cut grass for spending money as a kid, but I don’t know flowers, and since we’re gone for half the year, lawn care isn’t my passion. But when our irrigation sprinkler heads get clogged, I bite the bullet and get to work. Here is the before picture. 

For those readers in the Frozen North (like Minnesnowta and New Yawk), who may not have irrigation sprinklers, this is what I call a “donut cutter” tool. It has a round cutting blade, a shaft, and a handle. The round blade goes around the cement donut that protects the sprinkler head. You turn it, and it cuts the grass and digs a little trench, then you turn it and lift out a plug of grass and mud/dirt, allowing the sprinkler head to do its job more effectively. Down here in sub-tropical Florida, you have to use this tool about every 3 months or your sprinkler heads clog up. 

After putting my handy dandy donut cutter tool to work, our dozen or so sprinkler heads looked like this. Much cleaner, don’t you think? 

Speaking of green things, how many people have had truck gardens in the past? Probably quite a few. Here is a photo of The Villages’ latest truck garden, over in Brownwood. Suzanne says it must be a southern thing.  Your Correspondent would like to hear from Yankees who have had truck gardens.  Is it really a southern thang?

I had hoped to have the results of the Geo-Quiz ready Wednesday evening, but we had two big events yesterday, followed by some necessary socializing with chocolate and a glass of wine after the final event of the day. Since  there were two more entries that made it in under the deadline and I’m too tired to judge tonight, you will have to await the final judging until tomorrow’s blog. Mea culpa… the spirit is willing but the body is weak…. 

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  • Leo Gauthier III
    Posted January 22, 2013 at 2:22 am

    Nice job, that "donut cutter" can also be used on my invention the "Sprinkler Buddy". I'm the lawn care professional that invented the Sprinkler Buddy. I grew tired of digging up those donuts, here in FL they tend to sink rather quickly and weeds grow in the space between the old donuts and the sprinklers themselves. With the custom fit obtained with the Sprinkler Buddy, they remain visible with less maintenance long term.

    Thanks for your service, I too am a Retired Veteran. Semper Fi


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