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Geo-Quiz Winner; “Meaning and Messages” Presentation; Candlelighting Ceremony; Gift from a “Buddy”

Congratulations to Phyllis Williams, the winner of the latest Geo-Quiz. The question was: 1. Start at Latitude 30N, Longitude 90W. What is this place’s nickname? Why is it called that?  2. Go northeast 90 miles. What town are you in? What was it famous for in its boom years?  3. Pick a barbecue restaurant in that town and in 25 words or less, tell me why you would have given it that name.
 Phyllis’ answer: “The city is New Orleans, 

nicknamed ‘the big easy.’ Some stories 
associated with the nickname include a dance hall by that name in the early 1900’s or maybe a dance by that name. Another reference is that during prohibition N.O. was known for its’ “speakeasies”, or it may refer to a way of life with somewhat loose morals and easy music. The name was re enforced when a movie called The Big Easy” was filmed in the city in 1985.”   (I’m not sure what Phyllis means by “loose morals” in New Orleans…. Mardi Gras was always a pretty subdued religious celebration when I was a kid).

“The second city in question is Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It’s boom period was in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s when railroads were built and it greatly enhanced the lumber industry. A rail line was built to Gulfport, Miss., giving the lumber industry access to a deep water port. In 1912, Hattiesburg was dubbed “the hub city” due to the confluence of several rail lines. The city also figured significantly in the civil rights movement but you didn’t ask for that. I was stumped by the barbeque restaurant question. Of those I found listed, I couldn’t identify any relevant title, so I chose The Three Little Pigs, solely because it leaves no doubt as to the cuisine. Thanks for the geography lesson.” (This photo is a courthouse in Hattiesburg; I think that this is where they also judge the barbecue restaurants, and as everyone from down South knows, that’s why justices wear long robes, to protect their shirts from errant BBQ sauce…)

Phyllis had the closest answer; when I measured 90 miles from 30N/90W, the point landed between Hattiesburg and Wiggins, Mississippi. Either one would have been a correct choice. The BBQ place name I hoped someone would explain was “Slap Ya Momma’s”. (Jan Blythe suggested that it was formerly known as Slap From Yo Momma –    because if yo momma got any sass from y’all – y’all would get slapped with a big ole slab of ribs in the face.” Great explanation, Jan!

Other answers received were in Mississippi (Biloxi, Gulfport, and Picayune) and Tibet. Don’t laugh too hard; Tibet is at 30N/90E, and if you plugged just 30/90 into an Internet search engine, it assumes North latitude and East longitude as a default. (Well, I’ve enjoyed Mongolian, but really, Tibetan Barbecue?)

Thanks to Lynn Spence, Peter Lee, Bob and Jan Blythe, and Karen and Tom Leonard for their entries. Better luck on the next quiz.  Phyllis gets homemade barbecue sandwiches and drinks delivered by Your Correspondent and Corvette Chick (AKA My Lovely Bride, AKA Suzanne) in her red ‘Vette. 

Suzanne gave a new presentation, entitled Meaning and Messages, at Mulberry Rec Center on Wednesday. Over 200 people attended and were very enthusiastic about her talk, in which she discussed evidence received in several of her recent  readings and what that means for all of us. 

The talk was sponsored by the Edgar Cayce Discussion Group, and Frances Rolph had introduced Suzanne at the beginning, and also closed out the event. Suzanne got a huge laugh at the end because Frances had made a big deal of telling the audience that there would be a $10 fine for anyone whose cell phone went off during the talk… and whose cell phone rang? Yes, it was Frances’ cell phone, of course…  🙂  

Suzanne was invited to speak about her latest book, The Real Alzheimer’s, at last night’s Alzheimer’s Caregivers Candlelighting Service in Wildwood. The event was touching because there were many caregivers and their spouses/relatives at the event, including several whom Suzanne had interviewed for the book.  

Our friends Bob and Jan dropped in last night with a surprise. Bob has been giving me grief about not catching fish this past summer, and recalled that I had mentioned to Suzanne that I needed a new fishing rod. So, my “good buddy” Bob presented me with a brand new rod and reel, complete with an “appropriately sized fish” on the end; he is sooooo thoughtful. (It doubles as a charcoal grill lighter, so it may actually see some use!) Thanks, Bob…. you know what they say about “Paybacks”? 


  • Anonymous
    Posted November 9, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    I didn't find time to do the Geo Quiz but thought it was ironic that I've eaten at Slap Your Mamas BBQ. I spent a month or so there overseeing helicopter operations this past spring. In fact, I traveled from there one evening to meet you and Suzanne for dinner in Biloxi! Good memories for sure! Brad

  • Ty and Suzanne Giesemann
    Posted November 9, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    Brad, Thanks for your comment and explanation about Slap Yo Mamma's BBQ. Suzanne and I certainly appreciated your driving down to Biloxi to meet us in May, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Safe flying! Cheers, Ty & Suzanne

  • Jennifer
    Posted November 10, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    I'm certainly learning new things! History is not exactly my strong point but you know a lot Ty!

    Glad to see Suzanne's "messages" are reaching so many people….


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