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Insulted! That’s NOT My Brain! Sabotaged! Geo-Quiz Part 5

Corvette Chick is in Big Trouble. First, did anyone read the put-down she posted on MY blog, insinuating that my brain didn’t work like brains of “normal” people? And her comment that my Geo-Quiz was “a disaster”? Sheesh, I thought the quiz was pretty easy… you will find Part 5 (yes, Sweetheart, the Final Part) below. Please keep plugging away, because the prize will be dinner for the winner and one spouse/partner/friend/lover here at Das Blogmeisterhaus. I was hoping to have Frau Blucher from Young Frankenstein here as our hostess for the evening, but I understand that she is on travel to Transylvania. (Just to be specific, you can bring your spouse or lover, but not both. Should the winner live out of town, we will do our best to drive The Bus to your location next summer for the awards dinner. Note: Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador may be “a destination too far”; in this case, we will negotiate a mid-distance rendezvous or perhaps send you a field-dressed moose for dinner.)

Remember the Baked Brick from a few days ago, when Ty tried to bake bread? The offending piece of rock-hard wheat, sugar, milk, salt, and yeast was supposedly due to my picking the wrong setting on the bread maker… well, only in part…  I was wondering about the yeast this morning and looked at the top of the jar that Suzanne had said to use… it was over 4 years past its expiration date! Yep, I was sabotaged!
Geo-Quiz Part 5: You have survived the wedding celebration, and are heading back home. Unfortunately, your charter flight was routed through Transylvania. You had a 48 hour layover there. On the flight home, you decide to write a short email to a friend about that part of your trip. What do you write to your friend? (No minimum or maximum word count required, but please address what happened in Transylvania… This is the subjective part of the quiz that I referred to in an earlier post.)
Please submit your quiz entries to me at by 7:00 PM Wednesday 2 January 2013. I will acknowledge each one by email, so if you don’t receive a reply, please call me at (352) 430-1914 to see if your entry was received. Your Faithful Correspondent will review all quiz entries and announce the answers and a winner in Thursday night’s post. Good Luck!

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