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Mealtime Entertainment; A Miniature What?

We have some unique entertainment here at our house. Living on a golf course is sort of like having a continuous running “America’s Silliest Golf Videos”. Today, while we ate, we witnessed two really bizarre golf incidents. I have no pictures on these two, because they happened so quickly, and also I might be sued for exposing one player’s reckless play and another’s rudeness. The first incident occurred as we were having breakfast. We watched a couple making their second shots, the lady going first from a bunker near our lanai. She cleared out of the bunker, grabbed a rake, and was raking the sand as her husband prepared to make his shot down the fairway. She was in front of him, and we heard her say, “Honey, just a sec and I’ll move out of your way.” He replied, “Hey, no problem, you’re fine there.” We then heard his club hitting the ball, and a split-second later, the sound of the ball hitting the rake in his wife’s hand… fortunately, it was a glancing blow, and she wasn’t hurt, only a bit surprised. (I wonder if Harvey got ground glass in his dinner tonight…)

The second occurred at lunch, when we watched two guys looking for a $1 ball (or two) in the grass between our neighbors’ houses. They were walking through the yards about 50-60 feet in from where the rough becomes private yards. I very politely said, “Gentlemen, I believe that Golf 101 suggests that it is not proper to walk through private yards looking for a lost ball.” They looked at me like I was from Mars, muttered a bit rudely, and wandered even farther afield into my neighbors’ yards looking for their ball. (With justice serving them right, they never found it.)
From The Villages Good Golf Guide: Never play or retrieve a ball from a resident’s yard.”
From Barney Beard, USGTF Master Teaching Professional: If you hit your ball on the other side of the white stakes into someone’s yard remember that their yard is their private property. You may not retrieve your golf ball. The out of bounds police may arrest you if you are spotted trespassing in someone’s yard. The golf ball isn’t worth that much.”
While I was out working on The Bus, a guy stopped by the house to drop off a package. When Suzanne met him at the door with our two dachshunds, he looked at Rudy and said, What a pretty dog. Is he a miniature Irish setter?  I have to admit that Rudy does have coloring similar to that breed, but he would have to be a very, very short Irish setter… but then, maybe our Gretchen (AKA “Ten Pounds of Fighting Fury”) is really a miniature long-haired Doberman!
Here are a real Irish setter and a Doberman… you can see how much they do look like our puppies… maybe if you’ve been enjoying Happy Hour for longer than you should!

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  • Jennifer
    Posted January 4, 2013 at 2:48 am

    Ty,very funny blog tonight. Thank you for the laugh!

    Interesting how this delivery guy thought Rudy was an Irish setter…


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