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Kidnapped by a Lawyer; Phrase of the Day; A Merry Christmas; A New Quiz

My Lovely Bride was kidnapped by an officer of the court the other day; a defense lawyer, to be specific. They were reported to be traveling north on I-75 in a red Corvette at a high rate of speed, singing and laughing. The passenger was apparently encouraging the driver to “Go Faster, Go Faster!” Police reports of “Thelma and Louise” wannabees were heard on various public safety radio circuits, but it seems they outran the clunky Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors sent to catch them. Gail, the passenger and Lawyer-in-Question, actually said, “Don’t worry, we’re in Marion County; if you’re arrested, I’ll defend you…” What a Friend! Actually, MLB did make it back home in time for lunch, and alcohol was not involved, so I guess I should be happy, but the tires on her ‘Vette smelled suspiciously like those at a dragster track… do you think these gals will EVER grow up? Naaaahhhhh!   
Phrase of the Day: Officer of the Court: any person who has an obligation to promote justice and effective operation of the legal system. (Snicker, snicker…)
We enjoyed a very Merry Christmas, with Santa and Santa’s helper Suki having delivered gifts for Ruthie, Rudy, Gretchen, My Lovely Bride, and Your Faithful Correspondent.
Suki, a neighbor Shitszu who owns a human named Chris, gave Rudy and Gretchen neat chew toys which took them only 15 minutes to eviscerate.  
Ruthie received some really cool potato-peeling gloves. Okay, she got some other stuff, but nothing was more useful than those gloves, because she got to use them in preparing mashed potatoes for our Christmas dinner a few hours later. (Here’s the deal: you boil potatoes for a few minutes, then take them out and rub them under running cool water, and PRESTO! you scrub the peels off easily with the rough knobby thingies on the gloves. Then you finish boiling the easily peeled potatoes as normal… one of the great advances of modern Western Civilization! Ruthie HATES peeling potatoes, and said they worked like a dream.
Suzanne and I had agreed to limit gifts to one each, so when she handed me a box with a cool long sleeve Colorado bike jersey, I smiled broadly for two reasons… I really liked the jersey, and I had gotten Suzanne a long sleeve bike jersey as well, hers of course in a girlie mint green color. No discussions prior, we have never had any long sleeve jerseys, and we got each other the same gifts… pretty neat! 
Our Christmas dinner guests included Suzanne’s brother Brent and his wife Cheryl, Ruthie, our neighbors Bob and Jan Blythe, who block our view with their big bus, and Jan’s parents Frank and Rita Fitzpatrick. We thought that since the Blythes and Fitzpatricks were from Massachusetts, we would need a translator for Brent and Cheryl, who have lived in Montgomery, Alabama, for 20 years, but conversation seemed to carry on well with only an occasional explanation of the meaning of flaws (floors) and cahs (automobiles). Brent caught me off guard when he mentioned pee-cans. (I thought he needed to use the loo, but he was actually talking about nuts.) Frank is a retired insurance executive, but I think he really missed his calling to be a stand-up comedian. He has more stories than Carter has liver pills, as the old saying goes, and one or two of them may even be true. (And then again, maybe not…)
As always, there was enough food to feed a platoon of hungry Marines, and we were all feeling a bit stuffed, but My Lovely Bride decided that we needed a mental workout and broke out our “Catch Phrase” game. This has a timer and a rotating dial gizmo that gives each player in turn a word that he has to get his team to figure out. You pass the wheel to the next player, and whoever is holding the wheel when the timer goes off loses a point. It was girls versus guys, and naturally, the guys won 2 games to 1. Hey, everyone knows that guys are smar…. Smack…
Geo-Quiz (Part 1): As you might have surmised from the title of this paragraph, this is a multi-part quiz. (I think there will be five questions with two parts each, but I could be wrong.) Here is the first question: Your cruise ship has arrived in a small port on the east coast of Africa, located on an island named after a Sicilian crime family. A. What country is that island part of? B. What is the country’s capital?  
Remaining parts/questions will be provided in blog entries over the next week, so stay tuned. A suitable prize will be provided the winner, who will be selected based on the best/most correct answers. (Some questions will have an easily judged objective answer, and at least one will require a subjective answer). Good Luck!    

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  • Jennifer
    Posted December 27, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    Thank you for the tip on how to cook potatoes. Never knew this!

    The toys for Gretchen and Rudy look so cute.

    You have quite a vocabulary,Ty. ("Eviscerate"?)
    I'm impressed by your choice of words…


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