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Quiz Winner’s Breakfast; A Snowball; Returning Flowers? A Dodo; Olive Oil Taste Test

You may remember the photo quiz a few weeks ago with 10 faces to identify. Our winner was Chris Lavender, who whooped the other entrants. She and Bobbie Crichton joined us on Sunday for breakfast at Panera. The Award breakfast had been delayed for our trip to Disney and their cruise to Mexico and Key West. We were very glad to see that their cruise ship had not been attacked by any Pirates of the Caribbean.

Due to the extreme cold this morning, our puppies could not join us for a walk in town after breakfast. “How cold could it have been, Ty? You’re in Central Florida! You must be a wuss!” I think I just heard some friends in the snowy north making wisecracks. Well, Smarty-Pants, here I am holding a real snowball… okay, so it was made from frost on the windshield, but it’s still a snowball in my eyes! This reminds me that I was upset about the National Weather Service’s forecast from last night; the previous night’s forecast had predicted a low of 29F (so I prudently covered our frost-sensitive flowers) and it only reached 34. So when the NWS predicted a low of 36 for Saturday night, I figured we were safe, so why bother covering 8 plants with bedsheets? Imagine my frustration when we got up Sunday morning and the temp was 30F, a full 6 degrees lower than forecast!  *#$@#$*(_*IO+@&!!! (Those are abbreviations for “naughty sailor words”). 

You may notice in the photo above the large piece of machinery blocking the view from our front yard. Our neighbors Bob and Jan (yeah, you remember, the “buddy” who gave me the 9 inch fishing rod as a joke and who frequently casts aspersions on my fishing abilities) had the audacity to park their 40 ft American Eagle motor coach in front of their house for two days. It is very inconvenient… what if a fire engine and the Prize Patrol had to come to my house just moments apart on a cold day like today? I might have to choose between being treated for hypothermia and receiving my check for $12 Million. The nerve of the guy… 

In line at the grocery the other day I overheard one of the clerks laughing about another customer who had just returned some flowers at Customer Service because they wilted after 5 days instead of lasting for an entire week. I asked, “And you really gave him his money back?” The clerk replied, “Yep, it seems crazy though, doesn’t it?” Crazy, dishonest, unethical, cheap, mean, parsimonious… let’s see, there have to be some more good adjectives that would fit, but that’s probably enough for a start… 

Really, what kind of a dodo returns flowers after five days of use? (I’m sorry, I’m insulting the dodo, but after all, they are extinct.) Did you know that the poor dodo (Raphus cucullatus) went extinct after only 100 years of contact with Europeans on its island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean? Evidently the flightless dodo was quite tasty, and no one thought of starting  a Kentucky Fried Dodo restaurant with supporting dodo farms. 
My Lovely Bride gave me a difficult task the other night… suffer through an olive oil and cheese taste test, of course with French bread to help cleanse the palate, and accompanying wine (for medicinal purposes only). I was unable to tell the high priced Italian olive oil from the Publix Extra Virgin cold pressed olive oil (also 100% from Italy). I think the Pinot Noir may have helped me enjoy those cheeses even more than if I had consumed bottled water… and who would make a mistake like that? It was a splendid repast! 

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  • Jennifer
    Posted December 24, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    I can't believe Florida was colder then North Carolina. Hopefully, all the wonderful oranges and fruit will survive…

    Your cheese tasting and wine to wash it down looks pretty darn good!


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