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Shamed by Champagne; Corvette Chicks; Pink Noise? Pink Sky or Sleet?

I thought I was kinda-sorta a jock, since I run or bike almost every day. But I met a guy today that put me to shame. The pups and I were strolling around Market Square, and I saw a golf cart with a 26.2 sticker. That immediately identifies the owner as a marathoner to other runners. I’ve run a few marathons, but none since 1993. I spoke to Bob Champagne, who also lives in the Village of Mallory Square. Bob is 71 years young, and runs between 60 and 100 miles per week! Now even in my prime, I was only running 60-65 miles a week max, and that was when I was 35. Bob will be running the Boston Marathon on Monday April 15th, and is shooting for a 3h 20m finish, which is a 7 min 38 sec pace per mile, truly impressive. Good luck, Bob, we’ll be rooting for you at Boston!  

We went out to dinner last night with Lynn and Bailey Spence, and Lynn put in a special request chit (that’s a Navy term) to ride in My Lovely Bride’s red Vette. Here are the two Corvette Chicks, rarin’ to go. Bailey and I took the somewhat more sedate silver Spider, and we only arrived one light year after “Laverne and Shirley”.  

No speeding tickets were earned last night, although the grapevine has it that a warning for excessive noise (in this case Pink, reportedly emanating from a red blur on Hwy. 466) was being mailed to our address….  (Note: for the uninitiated, the photo at left is the pop singer Pink; it is not Suzanne in a previous lifetime.)

Speaking of pink, here’s what last night’s sky looked like at sunset. Let’s see, it’s snowing and sleeting in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where Lynn and Bailey lived prior to moving to The Villages… and here it’s warm enough to drive with the top down at sunset… let’s see, sleet or top down? Which would you choose? Not topless, I should emphasize. Well, not for Corvette Chick, anyway.

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  • Jennifer
    Posted April 5, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    Beautiful sunset and neat photo of pop singer "Pink".


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