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Suzanne’s New Book; Gail’s Easter Bonnet; Amish What?

Well, it’s official. My Lovely Bride has started writing a new book. “Making the Connection” will include much of the stunning evidence she has amassed of the existence of Higher Consciousness, and will help readers attune to guidance from that consciousness…. As seen in this photo, Suzanne has enlisted special assistance in writing this book, to wit, a highly experienced reviewer and motivational expert, Rudy the Sailing Wiener Dog. Suzanne wrote much of The Priest and The Medium and her other books with Rudy in this same position.  Rudy’s Fearless Assistant, Gretchen, AKA 10 Pounds of Fighting Fury, will provide personal security. More to follow as this effort continues over our 2013 Messages of Hope Summer Tour. (Fashionistas: take a look at Suzanne’s cool dachshund socks!)    

Okay, speaking of fashions, Sunday was Easter, and back to our lawyer friend Gail. Gail doesn’t do anything in a small way. For example, she decided to enter an Easter Bonnet competition at her church. Rather than simply buying a bonnet, she decided to make one.  (Can you see this coming?) Okay, after several trips to various stores and craft shops, and one speeding ticket in the same county in which she serves as a public defender (that’s another complicated story), she had collected all of the necessary bits and pieces. When she started to try to attach the aforementioned bits and pieces to the bonnet itself, she discovered that they were not adhering. Being a resourceful lawyer, she decided to subpoena some “craft-savvy” friends as expert witnesses/advisers. She was then directed to Michael’s to buy a glue gun. Fortunately, a second speeding ticket was averted, at least temporarily. After an extensive Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Background Check, which, remarkably, she passed, Gail had acquired her first glue gun. The results of Gail’s efforts are shown here. She even won the Best Woman’s Bonnet Award! Congratulations, Gail! (Philippe Treacy must be green with envy…)  

Last night our neighbors Jan and Bob invited us over to watch an episode of Amish Mafia. They thought it would be appropriate since My Lovely Bride is from Pennsylvania and went to school near Lancaster, PA, where the show is filmed. Since we don’t watch television, we had never even heard of the show. Having known many Amish and Mennonite people, Suzanne was more than a bit skeptical of the premise of a show that linked that group with organized crime. The plot (if you can call it that) convinced us of the accuracy of her initial impression. 

However, we stayed for about 45 minutes, (1) hoping that something would justify this investment in TV watching, and (2) taking advantage of Jan and Bob’s warm hospitality and culinary appreciation… they had dessert waiting for us, a fantastic almond apricot cake with vanilla ice cream on the side. As many of you know, My Lovely Bride is known for her abstinence when luscious, creamy, decadent desserts are offered. I, however, have rarely met a dessert I didn’t love on first sight. The cake and ice cream were well worth the show…

I know Jan and Bob won’t mind me telling this story, for two reasons: (1) they are very nice, kind people, and (2) I owe Bob a cheap shot (or three) for his having made smart-aleck cracks about my fishing prowess (or lack thereof) on this very blog. Hey, at least I didn’t stuff a mackerel in his mailbox on Saturday afternoon before a long weekend! 

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  • Jennifer
    Posted April 3, 2013 at 11:47 am

    Very cute photo of Rudy and Suzanne..Gretchen looks like she wants to be a part of Suzanne's lap too..
    Love the socks…

    Interesting that Suzanne is from PA and went to school in Lancaster. I grew up outside of Scranton Pennsylvania and Lancaster is not far from there…


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