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“The Fighting Spiders”? A Sake Bar? A Canine Dental Ordeal; Free Range Chicks

My post the other day about the Fighting Okras hit a chord with Lynn Spence, who commented that “the only way to defeat them was to fry them”; Lynn also mentioned that her husband Bailey was off the hook (temporarily) for having the most ridiculous college mascot. He is a grad of Richmond University, whose Fighting Spiders were named after baseball pitcher Puss Ellyson’s long arms and stretching kick back in the 1890’s. Here is their game mascot, WebstUR, with two of his eight arms around a couple of smiling UR coeds. (No, Ty, don’t go there…) 

When we were stationed in Japan, sake, Japanese rice wine, was very popular among the Americans, since hardly anyone had tasted it before their assignment there. I enjoyed it, but My Lovely Bride actually won an award at a saketasting – she was the only gaijin (often used for “foreigner”; sometimes used as a synonym for “barbarian”) along with only two Japanese out of nearly 100 to correctly identify 5 sake varieties in a blind taste test. (Don’t get too excited… the big award was a bag of seaweed). 

Imagine my delight when I saw a sign on Highway 301 for what I thought was a new sake bar selling high quality, barrel-aged rice wine. (They are common in Japan, and there are a lot in California, but Oxford, Florida?) I called Suzanne and told her the good news. 

She asked where I was, and after telling her, she burst out laughing… “Go look at the storefront, My Love…” “Primitive Home Decor”??? Are you kidding me???

Rudy had a hard day on Tuesday. He has been to the vet for three rear knee surgeries (no, he doesn’t have five legs, the first surgery on his right knee had to be re-done). So he really doesn’t like going to the vet, although they do love him there. So today, when we walked into the vet’s office at 0730 for his first ever dental cleaning, he started crying… at eight years old, it was time, as failure to keep a dog’s teeth clean can cause canine heart disease. (We brush our puppies’ teeth every night, but like people, they build up the evil plaque over time.) Dogs have to be sedated, so when we got the call at 1300 that he was fine and would be ready to go home in an hour, we were relieved. He was one happy puppy (with beautiful teeth!) when we picked him up and took him home.  I asked him to open his mouth and pose for this shot… Look at those pearly whites!

A friend of ours recently told us about their trip to a local farmers’ market. Now I must say up front that I believe in supporting our local farmers, but when they said that they had purchased a dozen free range eggs for $11 and one scrawny free range chicken for $22, I burst out laughing. “You did what? Are you crazy?” We love eggs and chicken, but frankly, I’ve never met a chicken worth $22. Especially not one like this!

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  • Jennifer
    Posted January 11, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    Poor Rudy…I feel badly for him. Hope he perks up.

    That cute chicken needs a few more feathers…


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