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Wacko Drivers; Bus Repairs; Lumberjacks; Parking Hall of Shame; Breakfast at the White House

I remember now why we don’t like cities. People in Tampa/Clearwater drive like crazy people… actually, the girls are texting or talking on their cell phones, and the guys are driving like they are late for a date with Kim Kardashian. Since we don’t watch TV, I had to do a Google image search on Kim K to see what the fuss was all about. She has some interesting attributes, but not enough to get a speeding ticket for. (Well, let me think about that for a moment… Smack!) Okay, as we say in the Navy, “Eyes in the boat, sailor!”

The Bus is in a repair shop for the windshield repair, which apparently was caused by a rusty piece of metal supporting the glass. As the rusty spot expanded, it pressed on the glass and pop, there was a crack. The repair shop guys seem very competent, and we hope to return to Clearwater next week to find the windshield repaired and good for at least the next 10 years. 

While w-a-l-k-i-n-g the doggies in t-o-w-n the other day, we spotted an unusual sight: lumberjacks topping a tree on the square. Lest you think I’m more deranged than normal, here’s the evidence. 

Our Contributing Editor, Bob Blythe, submitted this photo of a great parking job by a young cowpoke over at Beef O’Brady’s. He parked his dualey-pick-me-up-truck at an angle across the edge of this poor RAV-4’s spot. Fortunately the Toyota was able to get out without any damage to either vehicle. What was that boy thinking??? 

Saturday night was a special event for us, a concert by Four Divo at the Savannah Center. Our good friends Mike and Sandy Appelbaum had gotten tickets, but unfortunately Sandy came down with the flu, and they couldn’t go. It was a great concert, with a young female singer, who had been a Les Mis Broadway cast member, stealing the show. We hope Sandy is feeling better, and hope to return their generous favor soon. 

Did I say “White House” in the title? Gosh, I’m sorry, I meant “Waffle House”! If you are a new reader, you may not know that My Lovely Bride and I are very attached to the fine cuisine at America’s Best Diner. We are also always impressed by the waitresses’ friendliness and sense of humor. Here is Suzanne after erecting a creamer and Splenda pyramid, trying to out-do Your Faithful Correspondent. We had a great meal (eggs over medium, hash browns scattered and smothered, white toast, bacon, and bottomless coffee). I doubt that Barack frequents WH, but I’ll bet George W. did! (So much for rumors that Corvette Chick only eats wheat bran and apples…)

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  • Jennifer
    Posted January 9, 2013 at 11:58 am

    You must have a nice waffle house..I think I have only been to one, once in my life…


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