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Dragon Boats; Worst Parking Prize of the Week; Day Trip to Homosassa; A Fishing Plan; The Jones Trio?

While walking at nearby Lake Sumter, we observed some of our local Villagers paddling a racing Dragon Boat. These hardy souls practice rain or shine (okay, so there’s not much rain these days), warm or cold (well, not much cold, either). There are four or five teams here, and a couple have gotten to the national championships in their age group. There is usually a drummer at the bow who keeps the cadence for the paddlers; it’s reminiscent of the Roman galleys, except the rowers aren’t chained to their benches and starved, and there is no huge tattooed guy with a whip encouraging them to row faster… well, to tell the truth, there may be one, on the US Marine Corps boat… OOH-RAH, Marines!!!! 
We were at Sweetbay (our closest grocery) the other evening and saw this parking job. Please note that for privacy reasons (and for my personal safety), I do not show the license plate of “offending” (“offensive”?) automobiles, but I do hope that in posting some of the most egregious examples of ridiculous parking jobs, I can improve the parking performance of the perpetrators. (Smile.) If this is your car, please email me with your name and you win the prize for the Week’s Worst Parking Job! (Yes, and of course your name will be prominently displayed on our Parking Hall of Shame board….)
On Saturday My Lovely Bride, the puppies and I made a day trip to Homosassa Springs, where Suzanne gave her new presentation, “Meaning and Messages from the Other Side”.   94 members of the New Age Thinkers group attended, a very full house, many of whom had heard Suzanne speak a year ago when she gave her “Where Science and Spirituality Meet”presentation.  Suzanne said the loving energy from the group almost knocked her off her feet. 
While I helped Suzanne set up, Rudy and Gretchen waited (somewhat patiently) in the car, but you would think that Rudy was terribly bored while he waited until I could take him and his sister on a w-a-l-k. He was actually even more bored later, because there were no squirrels where we walked… 

After our walk, I drove around Homosassa looking for a good place to fish. (Yes, hope springs eternal.) After talking to a couple of professionals in a tackle shop, the guy selling bait on a boat rental dock, and two friendly “rednecks” drinking longneck Bud Lights in a pickup truck that had just driven up to the boat ramp I was inspecting, I am convinced that my next fishing expedition will be highly successful. (If I return fish-less, I may move to the Mojave Desert.) At least the scenery in Homosassa is very easy on the eyes.   

Finally, a quiz on US Navy history. This quiz and associated lesson is for a friend who is “historically challenged”. You have to pick the photo associated with a US Navy hero from the American Revolution. Try to match the facts with the photographs.

a. Was a rock singer with The Monkees.
b. As captain of the brig Alfred, hoisted the first United States flag aboard a Navy ship in 1776.
c. Was captain of USS Bon Homme Richard and defeated the much heavier gunned and manned HMS Serapis off Flamborough Head in 1779.
d. Is buried in a crypt at the US Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis, Maryland.
e. Has had several US Navy ships named after him.
f. Was a guitarist for Led Zeppelin. 

If you have correctly identified the first picture (the guy in the funny hat) with answers b., c., d., and e., you win the “Knows American History Better Than a Lawyer” Award. 

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  • Jennifer
    Posted December 9, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Anyone that parks like that should be ashamed….

    What an adorable photo of Gretchen and Rudy.Maybe you and Suzanne could make a calender with their
    beautiful faces. I will be your first customer if you sell the calenders…

    Suzanne attracts a nice following of people…


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