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Minnesnowda; Word for the Day; Name That Flower; Channeling; 2013 Tour Penciled-in Schedule

Our good friend Terri in (frozen) Minneapolis sent us a couple of photos that will remind us Central Florida Villagers why we are here and not there. 

The second photo is of a creek, not yet frozen (the picture was probably taken in July), with a heart-shaped hole in the ice/snow. 

I thought about Terri today out walking the woods, in her layers of Patagonia thermals, woolies, down vest, three pair of socks, waterproof boots, watch cap, Russian ermine hat, silk gloves, snowmobile mittens, hand warmers, foot warmers, and flask of brandy for emergencies…  This is not Terri, but you can bet it’s a similar fashion statement… 

I suppose there will be a few hardy souls who regretted moving south from The Frozen North, but they are probably safely locked up at the local Looney Farm.
Now, dictionary fans, the Word for the Day: mesmerize, vt., 1. Absorb someone’s attention; to fascinate somebody or absorb all of somebody’s attention; 2. Hypnotize; to hypnotize somebody, especially formerly in a way believed to involve animal magnetism [Early 19th C. Formed from the name of F. A. Mesmer (1734-1815), an Austrian physician who conducted experiments in which he induced trance-like states in his subjects.]  

Okay, flora fans, you can bet that this photo was not taken in Minneapolis it was definitely taken outdoors, not at an underground, thermally insulated, propane-heated, humidity-controlled hot house! Name that flower…  

Suzanne gave a channeling session for about 65 interested folks on Sunday evening at Unity of The Villages. You can read or download the transcript, or watch the video of her channeling Sanaya, at

My Lovely Bride and Your Faithful Correspondent are working on plans for our 2013 Summer Tour (14,000 mile road trip in The Bus), and we would like your inputs on places to stop. We have a rough, loose, penciled-in, maybe-we’ll-stop-here list of cities, national parks, towns, villages, trapping stations (you’ll understand when you see the route), and fishing holes (Hope does spring eternal, after all). If we’re passing within a short day’s drive of some unforgettable place that you have visited, and we’d be embarrassed if we didn’t stop there because we didn’t ask, please send a short email (not your entire summer 1995 itinerary with embedded home movies and 6,365 35 mm slides and Kodacolor prints scanned onto a diskette) to
Date               Location
30 Apr            Depart The Villages
2 May             Nashville, TN
4-6 May          St Louis, MO
10-11 May     Colorado Springs, CO
13-17 May     Boulder, CO
19-20 May     Ft Collins, CO
21 May           Casper, WY
23-29 May     Grand Teton NP/Yellowstone NP
2-3 Jun          Calgary, Alberta
5-10 Jun        Banff/Jasper NP, Alberta
14 Jun           Dawson Creek, British Columbia (Mile Zero, Alaska Highway)
16 Jun           Muncho Lake, British Columbia
21-22 Jun      Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
25 Jun           Tok, Alaska (end of Alaska Highway)
26-28 Jun      Fairbanks, Alaska
30 Jun-4 Jul Denali, Alaska  
5-8 Jul            Anchorage, Alaska
9-12 Jul         Kenai, Alaska
14-16 Jul       Valdez, Alaska
20-22 Jul       Skagway/Glacier Bay, Alaska
28-30 Jul       Prince Rupert, British Columbia
6-7 Aug          Kamloops, BC
7-10 Aug       Vancouver, BC
11-20 Aug     Seattle/Tacoma/Mt Rainier NP, Washington
23 Aug           Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
24-27 Aug     Kalispell, Montana/Glacier NP
27-28 Aug     Missoula, Montana
29-30 Aug     Idaho Falls, Idaho
1-4 Sep          Ogden/Provo, Utah
5-9 Sep          Arches NP, Moab, Utah
12-14 Sep     Zion NP, Springdale, UT
16-19 Sep     North Rim, Grand Canyon NP
20-24 Sep     Sedona, Arizona
26 Sep           Albuquerque, NM
29 Sep-1 Oct   Dallas/Ft Worth area, Texas
6-7 Oct           New Orleans
10 Oct            The Villages, FL  

Hopefully, this should make for some interesting blog entries… Please remember that this is a rough “schedule”, not a real itinerary (yet), so if you’re planning to join us for a fresh-caught salmon dinner in Valdez, Alaska, don’t make your flight and rental car reservations just yet…

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  • Jennifer
    Posted December 12, 2012 at 2:40 am

    Those photos give me the chills. It got in the low
    50's in NC and people were bundled up and commenting on the cold air.

    O.K isn't that flower called a "trumpet"?

    Your itinerary… If you visit Nashville you must come to Asheville,NC which is not that far.
    This would be the perfect place for you and Suzanne to stop for a visit!


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